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@cosmjs/ledger-amino Documentation


npm version

Supported platforms

This library must be provided with a Ledger transport, and has been tested with appropriate transports for Node.js as well as certain browsers. In our demo code we use @ledgerhq/hw-transport-node-hid to connect to Ledger devices from Node.js. We use the @ledgerhq/hw-transport-webusb library to connect to Ledger devices from the browser via USB. You can check the support status of this library here.

Running the demo


Connect the Ledger device via USB, open the Cosmos app, then run the demo (this will also build the package):

yarn demo-node


Serve the project locally:

# Build the package for web
yarn pack-web

# Host the `ledger-amino` package directory, for example using Python 3
python3 -m http.server

Visit the demo page in a browser, for example if using the Python 3 option: http://localhost:8000/demo.

Then follow the instructions on that page.

Running tests

The tests in this package require a Ledger device initialized with the mnemonic from scripts/wasmd/README.md#preset-accounts (see "Ledger: accounts for Ledger based demos and tests") with an installed "Cosmos (ATOM)" app. The device must be connected via USB, unlocked and the Cosmos app must be opened. The tests require the user to manually approve transactions.

Stargate tests

Start a local Stargate blockchain as described in scripts/simapp44/README.md and execute:

yarn test


This package is part of the cosmjs repository, licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (see NOTICE and LICENSE).

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