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A transaction that is indexed as part of the transaction history


  • IndexedTx



code: number

Transaction execution error code. 0 on success.

events: readonly Event[]
gasUsed: number
gasWanted: number
hash: string

Transaction hash (might be used as transaction ID). Guaranteed to be non-empty upper-case hex

height: number
rawLog: string

A string-based log document.

This currently seems to merge attributes of multiple events into one event per type (https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/issues/9595). You might want to use the events field instead.

tx: Uint8Array

Raw transaction bytes stored in Tendermint.

If you hash this, you get the transaction hash (= transaction ID):

import { sha256 } from "@cosmjs/crypto";
import { toHex } from "@cosmjs/encoding";

const transactionId = toHex(sha256(indexTx.tx)).toUpperCase();

Use decodeTxRaw from @cosmjs/proto-signing to decode this.

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