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Consumer Offboarding

To offboard a consumer chain simply submit a ConsumerRemovalProposal governance proposal listing a stop_time. After stop time passes, the provider chain will remove the chain from the ICS protocol (it will stop sending validator set updates).

// ConsumerRemovalProposal is a governance proposal on the provider chain to remove (and stop) a consumer chain.
// If it passes, all the consumer chain's state is removed from the provider chain. The outstanding unbonding
// operation funds are released.
// the title of the proposal
"title": "This was a great chain",
"description": "Here is a .md formatted string specifying removal details",
// the chain-id of the consumer chain to be stopped
"chain_id": "consumerchain-1",
// the time on the provider chain at which all validators are responsible to stop their consumer chain validator node
"stop_time": "2023-03-07T12:40:00.000000Z",

More information will be listed in a future version of this document.