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ICS Provider Proposals

Interchain security module introduces 3 new proposal types to the provider.

The proposals are used to propose upcoming interchain security events through governance.



If you are preparing a ConsumerAdditionProposal you can find more information in the consumer onboarding checklist.

Proposal type used to suggest adding a new consumer chain.

When proposals of this type are passed and the spawn_time specified in the proposal is reached, all provider chain validators are expected to run infrastructure (validator nodes) for the proposed consumer chain.

Minimal example:

// Time on the provider chain at which the consumer chain genesis is finalized and all validators
// will be responsible for starting their consumer chain validator node.
"spawn_time": "2023-02-28T20:40:00.000000Z",
"title": "Add consumer chain",
"description": ".md description of your chain and all other relevant information",
"chain_id": "newchain-1",
"initial_height" : {
"revision_height": 0,
"revision_number": 1,
// Unbonding period for the consumer chain.
// It should be smaller than that of the provider.
"unbonding_period": 86400000000000,
// Timeout period for CCV related IBC packets.
// Packets are considered timed-out after this interval elapses.
"ccv_timeout_period": 259200000000000,
"transfer_timeout_period": 1800000000000,
"consumer_redistribution_fraction": "0.75",
"blocks_per_distribution_transmission": 1000,
"historical_entries": 10000,
"genesis_hash": "d86d756e10118e66e6805e9cc476949da2e750098fcc7634fd0cc77f57a0b2b0",
"binary_hash": "376cdbd3a222a3d5c730c9637454cd4dd925e2f9e2e0d0f3702fc922928583f1"
// relevant for chains performing a standalone to consumer changeover
// in order to maintain the existing ibc transfer channel
"distribution_transmission_channel": "channel-123"

More examples can be found in the interchain security testnet repository here and here.


Proposal type used to suggest removing an existing consumer chain.

When proposals of this type are passed, the consumer chain in question will be gracefully removed from interchain security and validators will no longer be required to run infrastructure for the specified chain. After the consumer chain removal, the chain in question will no longer be secured by the provider's validator set.


The chain in question my continue to produce blocks, but the validator set can no longer be slashed for any infractions committed on that chain. Additional steps are required to completely offboard a consumer chain, such as re-introducing the staking module and removing the provider's validators from the active set. More information will be made available in the Consumer Offboarding Checklist.

Minimal example:

// the time on the provider chain at which all validators are responsible to stop their consumer chain validator node
"stop_time": "2023-03-07T12:40:00.000000Z",
// the chain-id of the consumer chain to be stopped
"chain_id": "consumerchain-1",
"title": "This was a great chain",
"description": "Here is a .md formatted string specifying removal details"


Proposal type used to mutate the set of denoms accepted by the provider as rewards.


A ChangeRewardDenomProposal will only be accepted on the provider chain if at least one of the denomsToAdd or denomsToRemove fields is populated with at least one denom. Also, a denom cannot be repeated in both sets.

Minimal example:

"title": "Add uatom as a reward denom",
"description": "Here is more information about the proposal",
"denomsToAdd": ["uatom"],
"denomsToRemove": []

Besides native provider denoms (e.g., uatom for the Cosmos Hub), please use the ibc/* denom trace format. For example, for untrn transferred over the path transfer/channel-569, the denom trace can be queried using the following command:

> gaiad query ibc-transfer denom-hash transfer/channel-569/untrn
hash: 0025F8A87464A471E66B234C4F93AEC5B4DA3D42D7986451A059273426290DD5

Then use the resulting hash in the ChangeRewardDenomProposal, e.g.,

"title": "Add untrn as a reward denom",
"description": "Here is more information about the proposal",
"denomsToAdd": ["ibc/0025F8A87464A471E66B234C4F93AEC5B4DA3D42D7986451A059273426290DD5"],
"denomsToRemove": []